our environment

The Coffin Bay Waterways are a pristine and natural environment, bounded by a natural park on one side and very sparsely populated rural land on the other.

The mouth of the bay opens to the Great Southern Ocean from where nutrient rich water rushes in across tidal flats to combine with the estuary water and create the ideal environment for growing Searange Oysters.

Coffin Bay is truly a unique bay system and is definitely the jewel in the crown of the South Australian oyster industry.

Oysters are cultivated in reusable mesh baskets to be fed by the naturally occurring algae in the water. Nothing is added to the water or to the oyster. They have their own complete packaging - quality oysters are grown only by working in harmony with nature itself.

The South Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (SASQAP) is a jointly run program between Primary industries and Resource SA (PIRSA) and the shellfish industries. It involves a strict testing regime of water quality and shellfish meats and ensures the food safety of the harvested oysters.